Income Tax Schedule for a Corporate Employee

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Disclaimer: I’m neither a financial expert nor a financial advisor. A surprisingly large number of people ask me about income tax. To a lot of people the whole income tax process seems a bit too complicated. So I thought I’d write a simple but detailed post about the process. This is based on my experience… continue reading »

Display Image For Links In Facebook

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When we share a link on facebook, twitter, linkedin or any other social media site, an image is automatically assigned to the link based on the images that are available in the website. Apart from the title of the article and the short description that’s shown below the title, the quality and relevance of the display… continue reading »

Form Submit Event Tracking in Google Analytics

I was trying to set up Event Tracking (clicks, form submissions etc) through Google Analytics for a website that I was making. I read through Google’s official documentation and found it really hard to understand what they were saying. Finally, after many hours, I realised that the actual process is very simple. So for those… continue reading »

Go Wireless with Bluetooth Speaker Adapter

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I’ve recently been thinking a lot about wireless technology. Why can’t everything be wireless? Will the time come when people talk about wires as a thing of the past? In my quest to turn more wireless, I bought two devices this week. Bluetooth Stereo Adapter Audio Receiver This first is a device that instantly converted my normal wired 2.1… continue reading »

Bootstrap in One Page

In this post we’re going to build a simple website that will help us take a look at some of the commonly used features and components of Bootstrap. Check the images below to see the site we’ll be building. Bootstrap is nothing but readymade CSS that we can directly use in our website. This is mostly done… continue reading »

Top 4 Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

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My friend and I recently visited Sri Lanka. We went in October, which is a good time to visit Sri Lanka if you’re the kind of person who wants to avoid huge crowds. The tourist season in most parts of Sri Lanka is from November to February when it’s a little cooler. We only had… continue reading »

Setting Up with Bootstrap

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Introduction PHP is one of the most commonly used back end programs. It is relatively simple to use. If you know JavaScript then the programming syntax in PHP is very similar. We will be going over all the different concepts in PHP and also use Bootstrap to setup websites quickly. I will concentrate more on how the… continue reading »