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I’ve recently been thinking a lot about wireless technology. Why can’t everything be wireless? Will the time come when people talk about wires as a thing of the past? In my quest to turn more wireless, I bought two devices this week.

Bluetooth Stereo Adapter Audio Receiver

This first is a device that instantly converted my normal wired 2.1 speakers to bluetooth enabled speakers. Introducing the Iwave Bluetooth Stereo Adapter Audio Receiver. It is a small dongle that just looks like a USB stick. It has the USB plug on one side and on the other side, a socket to connect your speakers.


Steps to set up the bluetooth adapter

    1. Connect the USB dongle to a USB Port. This can be a USB port in your speaker or any USB Port that is powered. I’ve connected my phone charger’s plug into the power supply and connected the dongle to it.
    2. Next connect your speaker’s cable into the dongle. This dongle only has a 3.5mm jack so that’s the only kind of cable you can connect.
    3. Search for the bluetooth device on your phone or PC and pair it. There is no confirmation required from the dongle.
    4. Start playing some music and it will come through your speakers.

bluetooth connect

It’s quite easy to set up and start playing.

The device is actually advertised as a car speaker bluetooth receiver. It comes with an aux cable. So you could basically connect the dongle to the USB port of your car stereo and connect the aux cable between your car stereo’s aux port and the dongle and then play songs wirelessly from your phone.


But my car stereo already has inbuilt-bluetooth, so I’m using this for my home 2.1 speakers that I usually use to listen to music from my laptop or my Nexus phone.

Features of the Bluetooth Adapter

  1. It converts your normal wired speakers to wireless bluetooth enabled speakers.
  2. Easy to set up
  3. The device is really cheap


Some of the issues I noticed with the product.

  1. The signal is a little weak, which means the volume is less. When I played music using iTunes or movies in VLC, the audio levels were fine, but when trying to play some YouTube videos that inherently had less volume, the total volume was quite low though I turned the volume of the speakers to 100%
  2. There was a little bit of disturbance sometimes if bluetooth in two devices were left on at the same time. It is better to turn off the bluetooth in one device.
  3. The device goes into sleep mode if not used for sometime and will have to be disconnected and reconnected into the USB port to start using it again.

On the whole, I’m pretty satisfied with the device and it does its job well.


Logitech also has a device for this – Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter. This pretty much does the same job, but has a few more options and is a little more expensive.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

The other wireless devices I bought this week were a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. I guess there is nothing that exciting about this, since many people have started using this already. I bought a Dell KM113 which comes with a full sized keyboard and mouse. It was a little cheaper than the other option available and had great reviews in Amazon. Logitech has two options – the full sized MK260R Keyboard + Mouse Combo or the smaller Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. My dell KM113 works flawlessly and does it’s job, my brother uses the Logitech MK220 and that works fine too.


What do you think about going wireless? Is there anything that you’ve been using with wires that you’ve changed to wireless recently?